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The MAMA-Test is a non-invasive method for the early diagnosis of fetal malformations based on the metabolomic analysis of maternal blood. Taken together, fetal developmental defects reach a frequency of 2-3% of all pregnancies, and are responsible for around 21% of perinatal and infant deaths, as well as a significant number of cases of disability and chronic diseases. For these reasons, the screening of fetal malformations is a common clinical practice in most developed countries.

Our technology

The diagnostic test M.A.MA. represents a non-invasive diagnostic method based on the analysis of a single drop of maternal blood and is capable of detecting fetal malformations of chromosomal and non-chromosomal type, already in the first trimester of pregnancy, with good sensitivity and specificity.  MAMA test is based on the metabolomic analysis of maternal blood by gas chromatography and the integration of the obtained results using a multivariate analysis using discriminant analysis models PLS-DA and OPLS-DA, and models of computer learning (SVM and decision tree).

Prenatal Diagnostics

The most commonly used diagnostic methodology for this purpose, ultrasonography, is a non-invasive method, which is safe for the mother and the fetus. Its effectiveness in detecting fetal malformations, however, depends on the operator's experience and the quality of the equipment used and is, in any case, dwindled in special clinical conditions such as oligohydramnios, maternal obesity,  or complex fetal anomalies . The main limitation of such diagnostic methodology is the inability to detect birth defects before the second trimester of pregnancy. On the other hand, there are other diagnostic methods, such as chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis, able to identify, as early as the first trimester of pregnancy, a number of defined  malformations, such as Trisomies or other forms of cromosomipathies, as well as exposing both the mother and the fetus to a significant risk of serious complications.


3/31/2015 the inventors of M.A.MA-testing have reached an agreement with the research group of theSCOPE Study to validate the test on the serum Bank collected for this important international study.

5/25/2015 the EBRIS Foundation at Via De Renzi held an event for the presentation of the M.A.MA tests and opportunities offered by EU funding programmes click here for event photos