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The M.A.MA-Test was designed by a team of physicians, biochemists and computer scientists.  Currently,  the company HOSMOTIC owns the industrial rights, while the university spin-off THEOREO deals with its scientific development.


The company Hosmotic srl is born from decades of experience gained by the founders and operates within the framework of advanced analytical technologies at the service of those who at every level are increasingly qualifying their production standards and quality.
Hosmotic srl operates in the field of applied analytical chemistry through the planning, design and engineering of analytical solutions hardware and software at the academic level or in industrial food processing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, biomedical and industrial applications in general.
The company markets its products throughout the Country, through a network of direct sales consultants, also thanks to some technological partnership for the joint development of new products. The company also has exclusive distribution agreements with undisputed worldwide leader, which enabke it to offer technological excellence in the current landscape of instrumental analytical chemistry under every aspect: concept, electronics, mechanics and software.
Hosmotic srl, operating in a field characterized by high technological standards, is always making important investments in research & Development to get equipped with skills and knowledge that enable it to be on the cutting edge among its competitors and maintain a competitive advantage in the market in which it operates. This industrial development policy quickly made it  a leader in the field of scientific research, industrial development and technological and commercial promotion. More information here ...


Theoreo srl is a spin off of the university of Salerno. Born in 2015 from the enthusiasm of young chemists and medical researchers with a passion for translational medicine. The basic idea is to transfer the medical knowledge from the laboratory to everyday reality.
Theroreo srl also provides technical advisory services and metabolomics and bioinformatics services. Theroreo srl works for bioscientists, forensic, food and livestock and in all areas where these technologies can find an application.
Theroreo srl has the most advanced technology both in analytical chemical chromatographic and in the field of mass spectrometry.
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Our laboratory

The research and development departments of the companies Hosmotic and Theoreo have stipulated an agreement with the EBRIS Foundation (European Biomedical Research Institute of Salerno), which includes the "Fondazione Scuola Medica Salernitana", "Università degli studi di Salerno" and the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment of the "Mass General Hospital for Children". By means of this agreement, the M.A.MA Test is developed at the headquarters of the Foundation.

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